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Our Passion for

"We are on a mission to facilitate painless payments across the globe. We help businesses structure their payment requirements integrated with easy onboarding techniques. Combined with our Loyalty Programs, companies provide a unique and satisfying experience for end users."

Payments, with Benefits.

ViaCarte was born out of necessity. Our background was benefits and insurance. We moved into the payments space as a way to facilitate payments to the benefactors of our policies.
But then, something happened. We recognized a huge gap in the payments space existed. We set forth to fill that gap. We worked with card issuers. We worked with processors. We worked with the companies needing to make payments.
But then, something else happened. We realized that the gap was more than just payments. There were changes happening in regulation. Changes in banking. Changes in the way consumers wanted to interact with their payment methods. So we set out to bridge the gaps.
ViaCarte merges easy onboarding, with an issuer agnostic backend, and a user friendly frontend, helping members access their payment vehicles conveniently and get rewarded!

Our services

Everything you need
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Card Management

Providing a robust, state-of-the-art, and uninterrupted system for your card issuance.

Loyalty and Rewards

Bespoke incentives and rewards with an easy tiered point accumulation and instant reward system.

Mobile Money

Combine the full scalability of an eWallet for any payments ecosystem with the convenience of cashless transactions.

Customer Onboarding

Global verification of government-issued documents, ensures compliance with local and global KYC standards.


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