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Payments, with Benefits.


Welcome to ViaCarte

Making Payments easy and safe

Our cards are multi-branded. Prepaid, debit and secured credit cards are available.
A brand new experience with our mobile money app and a preloaded virtual card.
Shop, reload, transfer and control your money with products to meet your payment needs.

Value for You

Loyalty & Rewards Bring Value and Premium Service

Diamond Collection

Our Diamond Collection rewards you simply for using the app. Collect Diamonds and spend them on frequently accessed features, like sending money to friends and family.

Membership App

Our Easy to use Membership App will automatically upgrade you when you meet the requirements for the next tier. You can relax while the App does the work.
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VIP Program

Earn valuable Benefits and Insurance just by spending money. As you make purchases, we will track your spending and automatically upgrade you to the next membership tier.

Presidential Service

When you reach our Presidential Membership, you will receive the highest value for your payments, and access to elite services and upgrades.


360 Degree Experience

Friends and Family

You will be on-point with friends and family through our apps' social media integration. Easily send money with a single click. Everybody wins.

Accumulate Rewards

Share your experiences, jump into our chat, and check-in to your favourite establishments. Take advantage of in-store merchants’ promotions, accumulate rewards from your payments.

Our happy members

Why do people love us?

“ViaCarte adjusts and adapts on the fly to my needs of #payments. I can make it quick and safe, to my family and friends.”

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Thomas Wilson

“Love the rewards on their loyalty program with @ViaReserve. I can accumulate and use my diamonds to get reservations, rent cars and plan my vacation in advance. All that through my spending. Thumbs up!”

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Sacha Rubiera

“Amazing, fast and reliable #customersupport! The team is always ready to assist in all issues and go the extra mile for solving any situation on the spot.”

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Rob Ferguson

“The biggest benefit is that I’ve been able to integrate my card and my #mobilemoney wallet to control my spending for my day-by-day. I’ve been running my expenses without a computer because I can do everything on my phone.”

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Sara Rodriguez

“I’ve never been a big fan of rewards programs, but ViaRewards is so easy to use, it makes me want to use my cards from @ViaCarte.”

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Blanche Fields