Payments by ViaCarte

Secured Credit Card Solutions for
This Generation

Major Brand Associations

ViaCarte is affiliated with all of the major brands to bring you quick-to-market solutions.

Your Choice in Security

Issue credit by securing directly or indirectly by your cardholders. It's up to you.

Issue Instantly

Our on boarding process is quick and easy, allowing you to put cards out faster.
Wave Wave

Issue Prepaid Cards
Efficiently in Your Region

Configurable Limits

Our bespoke approach allows you to set the limits. Our team works with yours to understand your cardholders' needs.

Wide Coverage

Because we maintain relationships with issuers worldwide, we can help you in your region.

One Ecosystem

A Closed-Loop Program benefits your merchants and cardholders: everyone gets paid faster and saves money.

One Ecosystem

With a single payment network dedicated to your community, merchants and members benefit with ease of use and savings.

For Merchants

Retailers love the quick payouts, the security of not handling cash, as well as the savings compared with branded card acceptance.

For Members

Members appreciate the safety of not handling cash, as well as the bonuses retailers can offer them within our network.

Go Cardless

Do it all with no cards at all. With our mobile money platform, your members can do it all from a smartphone.


Downloadable App

Your white-labeled app will be available for users in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Multiple Languages

It's easy to adjust the settings to the language your user prefers.

Simple to Use

Our App is laid out in an intuitive (and fun) way.

Special Offers

Let your retailers notify your users about special incentives and promotions.